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Scheduled events

This section shows all scheduled events chronologically. Below the system name is the title of the event which is clickable and will take you to a new page that provides further information on the incident.

Helpdesk - Centre d'assistance
Helpdesk maintenance

Issue history

The incident and maintenance tables display a record of all past incident and maintenance events that have occurred. These incidents are displayed in a chronological order. Additional information about the incident and its resolution can be found when clicked on.

Start Date Status Title
Resolved Outage - Panne

Maintenance history

Start Date Status Title
Resolved External network outage - Panne du réseau externe
Resolved Upgrade of the helpdesk software - Mise à jour du logiciel du centre d'assistance
Resolved Scheduled maintenance - Maintenance plannifiée
Resolved Planned Outage - Arrêt planifié
Resolved Planned Outage - Arrêt planifié
Resolved Helpdesk maintenance
Open Helpdesk maintenance