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The cloud team continues to work on correcting the last of the issues with Cedar Cloud. The service is now functional but there are a few bit of cleanup effort still happening and a final communication will come out shortly. For now we are marking the services as online and functional
Cedar Cloud networking is now up again, however, we are still experiencing problems with certain cloud interfaces. The cloud national team continues to troubleshoot the last remaining issues.
Cedar Cloud issues are still persisting. Cloud staff are working hard to resolve the issue. The next update will be at 5PM PST
Services are still not working correctly. Cedar Cloud admins will return work on the problem in the morning
Staff continue to work on troubleshooting issues with Cedar Cloud. Another update will be provided at 11PM PST

Incident description

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Cedar Cloud Closed
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Outage - Panne


Access to Cloud dashboard and API interfaces disrupted. We are investigating. / L'accès au tableau de bord du nuage et aux interfaces API est interrompu. Nous travaillons à résoudre le problème.

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