Event Date Summary
The emergency maintenance is complete. Systems are up and available.

Incident description

System Incident status Start Date End Date
Niagara Closed
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Emergency maintenance shutdown on Friday January 7, 2022


Over the holidays, one of the physical components of the file systems for the SciNet compute clusters (Niagara, Mist, Rouge and Teach) has failed. Although built-in redundancy has allowed the systems to continue to operate, a second component failure could be detrimental. An emergency shutdown of all SciNet to replace this component is planned to take place on Friday January 7, 2022, and will require at least 12 hours of downtime. Updates on the downtime will be sent out closer to the date. Please check https://docs.scinet.utoronto.ca or https://status.computecanada.ca for updates and details.

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