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Tape library is fixed now and we are starting /nearline service. However, we have very large number of restore requests that would take many days to catch up.
Tape library is broken down again. It appears to be power supplies issue. We will continue to work with vendor support.
Tape library was repaired today. /nearline is now available from Globus
There are large number of globus data transfer requests using /nearline which cannot be provided. These requests consumed all server threads. To work around this problem for now, we removed /nearline access from Globus. Once the library is repaired, we will reenable /nearline access. We are waiting for parts to be delivered. No further ETA yet.

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Cedar Closed
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/nearline filesystem problem - Problème avec le système de fichiers /nearline


The tape library that is used as backend storage for /nearline is broken. We have reported the issue to the vendor but due to the service agreement, it may not be fixed until Monday or Tuesday. During this period, restoring files from tapes will not be possible. We will update the progress as soon as we receive information from hardware vendor.

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