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The current estimate is to have the cooling restored on Friday and we hope to have the systems available for users on Saturday August 22, 2020. We will keep you all posted. Please check for periodic updates on our wiki, https://docs.scinet.utoronto.ca . --- L'estimation actuelle est que le refroidissement sera rétabli vendredi et nous esperons que les systèmes seront disponibles aux utilisateurs le samedi 22 août 2020. Nous vous tiendons tous au courant. Veuillez consulter notre wiki pour de mises à jour actualles, sur https://docs.scinet.utoronto.ca .
After taking the failed pump of the cooling system apart it was determined there was a more serious failure of the main drive shaft, not just the seal as it appeared before. As a new one will need to be sourced or fabricated we're estimating that it will take at least a few more days to get the part and repairs done to restore cooling. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Niagara Closed
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Cooling failure


Major cooling failure at datacenter. Niagara is down until resolved.

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