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gra-vdi.computecanada.ca is now available, and distributed connections between gra-vdi3 and gra-vdi4.
gra-vdi.computecanada.ca (gra-vdi4) is back online, but is waiting on a network-level change to provide normal user access. We expect to get this fixed tomorrow (Friday, June 12).
gra-vdi was compromised by its having been associated with, but not having kept up with Graham. We want to return it to service as a more integrated part of the cluster. We plan to return it to service on Thursday, June 11. It's accessibility via VNC should be unchanged from the user perspective. We hope to generalize gra-vdi to additional nodes, and generally lessen the difference between vdi and "normal" login nodes.

Incident description

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Graham Closed
Created by Oliver Stueker on


VNC access is not available


The gra-vdi node for VNC access to Graham is currently unavailable. We will post updates as more information becomes available.

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