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Niagara services have been fully restored

Wednesday May 29, 4 PM EDT Niagara login nodes and jupyterhub are up; file system is now accessible.

Wednesday May 29, 2 PM EDT Electricians are checking and testing all junction boxes and connectors under the raised floor for safety. Some systems are expected to be back up later today (storage, login nodes), and compute systems will be powered up as soon as it is deemed safe.

Tuesday May 28, 3 PM EDT Cleaning crews are at the datacentre, to pump the water and install dryers. Once the floors are dry, we need to inspect all electrical boxes to ensure safety. We do not expect to have a fully functional datacentre before Thursday, although we hope to be able to turn on the storage and login nodes sometime tomorrow, if circumstances permit. Apologies, and thank you for your patience.

Incident description

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Niagara Closed
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Outage - Panne


Niagara services have been fully restored

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